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4 ways to save money in 2013

4 Ingenious Ways to Save Money in 2013

If you think saving money is simply about cutting back on your necessities or on small luxuries, you’re wrong. Trimming your budget in more than one area of your life is a smart way to save money in 2013. Continue reading

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$10 million home for sale on the ComFree network

$10 Million Home Advertised on ComFree.com

Popular commission-free real estate website ComFree.com advertises $10 million home for sale. Come for the commission-free home sales, stay for the pictures. Continue reading

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Selling your home commission free

Selling Your Home Commission Free

Selling your home commission-free is the new way to sell real estate – thousands of Canadians are now selling without commission through services such as ours and, in turn, they’re saving thousands of dollars. Continue reading

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Top 10 Questions Homebuyers Ask

When homebuyers check out a home for sale, there are certain recurring questions that they will all ask during a viewing. If you are prepared for their questions with natural and honest answers, homebuyers tend to feel more comfortable with … Continue reading


4 Tips for Negotiating With a Buyer’s Agent

When a homeowner opts to sell their home without paying commission, there’s a good chance that they will find themselves faced with a Buyer’s agent – that is, a real estate agent who represents the homebuyer. So what happens when … Continue reading


Canadian Homeowners More Likely To Sell On Their Own

More and more Canadians are gravitating toward selling their homes without paying commission. Are you ready for the new way to sell real estate? Continue reading

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Selling Your Home on Your Own: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to selling your home on your own, do you think you have what it takes to give it a shot? Find out. Continue reading


ByTheOwner.com Becomes ComFree!

To support our Canada-wide expansion and our extended services offer, we have adopted a new-and-improved brand image. ByTheOwner.com is changing its name to ComFree to better reflect the fact that our services are absolutely COMMISSION FREE! We have also refreshed … Continue reading

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