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ComFree Home Buying

ComFree Offers a Home Buying Service

ComFree Offers a Home Buying Service Mention ComFree to most Canadian homeowners and they’ll probably say, “They help you sell your home without charging a commission, right?” While that’s definitely true (to date, the ComFree network has helped over 215,000 people … Continue reading


Selling Your Home this Halloween? Avoid Scaring Buyers Away

Tricks to make your October decor a treat for buyers! If you love decorating your home to match the season, an October home sale can be a lot of fun. Autumn is simply brimming with charming decor, from gorgeous mums for your … Continue reading

House for sale in Ontario

How to Buy a House in Ontario

Spring is finally on its way and this weekend lots of house hunters will hit the open house circuit. Before you go out hunting for the home of your dreams, take a minute to read our 6 tips for how to buy a house in Ontario. Continue reading

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4 Things Home Buyers Need to Remember

Here are 4 often-forgotten elements that home buyers need to keep in mind when getting ready to purchase a new home. Continue reading

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How Rising Interest Rates Affect Buyers and Sellers

How Rising Interest Rates Affect Buyers & Sellers

The last 60 days have been a roller coaster ride for fixed mortgage rates. We have seen anywhere from a 60 – 80 basis point jump (0.6 – 0.8%) on the most popular 5 year fixed mortgage products offered today. Here is how you are affected as a home buyer or seller in today’s changing market. Continue reading

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Questions Homebuyers Never Think to Ask

5 Questions Homebuyers Never Think to Ask

Here are five questions homebuyers never think to ask when visiting a home for sale. The answers to these questions can make or break your decision to put in an offer on the house. Continue reading

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Renovate & Repair Your Home Or Sell As Is?

When it comes to selling your home, should you make any major repairs or would that just be a waste of time and money? Find out. Continue reading


How To Buy a Home Without Paying Commission

So you found the home of your dreams and it happens to be for sale by owner. Do you have what it takes to buy without paying commission? Yes you do! Continue reading


8 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home

So you’re headed over to your lawyer’s office to pick up the keys to your new home: What a great feeling! You are filled with excitement and anticipation. Before you start making it your own, however, here are some tips … Continue reading


What To Look For When Buying A Home

When buying a home, people are often more concerned about the appearance of the home than the major components. As a home buyer, you should be diligent when looking at a home and not easily persuaded by nice decor and … Continue reading