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Pillars of successful interior design

The 4 Pillars of Successful Interior Design

Whether you’re looking to improve your own home, dress up a space to help it sell, or make interior design your business, you would do well to remember the following four principles that make up the pillars of successful interior design. Continue reading

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Ways to create a vintage kitchen

5 Ways to Create a Vintage Kitchen

The vintage kitchen look is in high swing so find out how you can get the look without sacrificing style or your wallet in the process. Continue reading

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Home decor trends 2013

4 Home Decor Trends for 2013

Let’s face it; there aren’t many of us out there who cave in to the annual home décor trends due to lack of time, budget and sheer patience. So when it comes to home décor trends, it’s less about what’s … Continue reading

Modern stair rails - frosted glass

5 Types of Modern Stair Rails

Stair rails tend to be the central piece of sorts in a home, so before you commit to any old stair rails, consider the following modern stair rails for your home décor. Continue reading

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Warm tones vs cool tones at home

Decorating With Cool vs. Warm Tones

Color can often change the entire tone and emotional draw of a room. If you are thinking about redecorating a room or two in your home, you may want to consider the different feelings a new coat of paint can bring about. Continue reading

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Traits of the perfect walk-in closet - sitting area

6 Traits of the Perfect Walk-In Closet

The perfect walk-in closet has become somewhat of a prerequisite of the master suite in homes of late and women worldwide are constantly discussing what the perfect walk-in closet should look like. Here’s what they had to say. Continue reading

Tips for designing your condo - create workspace

4 Tips for Designing Your Condo

If you plan on designing your condo right, whether it be for simple, comfortable living or resale in the near future, here are some things to consider. Continue reading

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5 Modern Dining Tables

When it comes to the home, the dining room is often an afterthought and doesn’t get much play in the way of a showroom. But thanks to these new modern dining tables, all that’s about to change. Continue reading

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8 Steps To Planning Your Home Renovation

When it comes to home renovations, most of us start off with a dream. However, if you don’t plan your home renovation, there is a good chance that your dream can turn into a real-life nightmare. So before you jump … Continue reading


5 Amazing Modern Couches

If you want to strike a chord with your home decor, you need to invest in a few striking items that require a double take. And so, I introduce to you some amazing modern couches. Continue reading

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