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Amazing Space-Saving Furniture

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you will likely want to create a sense of open space rivaling the Coliseum. Small spaces require compact living; enter space-saving furniture. Continue reading

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How to Use Plants in Home Decor

Vibrant, green plants bring a sense of life and happiness to the home, creating a welcoming environment for all who enter. Find out how easy it is to use them in your home decor. Continue reading


Modern Wine Cellars

Nowadays wine enthusiasts opt to showcase their wine collections up front and center in the home. These pictures speak a thousand words. Continue reading

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Ikea Creates Daycare for Men – Manland

In an effort to keep men happy and their wives and girlfriends spending, IKEA created Manland, a makeshift daycare where men can hang out while their wives shop through the aisles of IKEA. Complete with pinball machines, arcade games and … Continue reading

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7 Coolest Toilets in the World

I agree that perhaps toilet talk is not the sexiest talk on earth, but when you see some of the coolest toilets in the world, you’ll be talking toilets for the rest of the day. Continue reading

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