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Keeping open houses clean in messy weather

We Canadians know all too well that as winter draws near, the weather can hard to predict. Fall leaves can be buried by snow in a matter of days, and -20° weather can warm up to wet mud in the … Continue reading

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Decluttering tips for homes on the market

When you’re preparing to put your home on the market, a piece of advice you’ll get over and over again is to “declutter.” In fact, we at ComFree always advise decluttering to would-be home sellers, as do countless websites, articles, and … Continue reading

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Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale

Selling Tips: Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale If you’ve recently decided that you should sell your house, you might be one of many Canadians who chooses to wait until springtime to list your property. It’s true that the … Continue reading

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How Rising Interest Rates Affect Buyers and Sellers

How Rising Interest Rates Affect Buyers & Sellers

The last 60 days have been a roller coaster ride for fixed mortgage rates. We have seen anywhere from a 60 – 80 basis point jump (0.6 – 0.8%) on the most popular 5 year fixed mortgage products offered today. Here is how you are affected as a home buyer or seller in today’s changing market. Continue reading

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WeList joins the ComFree network

The ComFree network is proud to welcome WeList to the family!

The ComFree family is growing! This month, WeList, Calgary’s biggest for-sale-by-owner company, will join the ComFree network. Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

Be prepared for the spring selling season by giving your home a thorough spring cleaning. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips for home sellers planning to host an open house. Continue reading

The 5 best cities for sellers in Ontario

The 5 Best Cities for Home Sellers in Ontario

In November 2012, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) listed the five best cities for home sellers in Ontario. Some Ontario residents are going to be quite happy about the findings. Continue reading

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Tips to make your home easier to sell

4 Tips to Make Your Home Easier to Sell

If you want to sell your home in 2013, you have to pull out all the stops to ensure your home is in perfect selling condition. Continue reading

Signs it's a good time to sell your home

4 Signs That It’s A Good Time To Sell Your Home

Your personal situation outside, what are some outside circumstances that demonstrate that it’s a good time to sell? Glad you asked. Continue reading

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5 Most Powerful Words in a Home for Sale Listing

According to a study done by Professor Paul Anglin from the University of Guelph in Ontario, there are certain words used in home listings that have a magical effect on a home for sale. These are the most powerful words in a home for sale listing that help the owner sell quickly and/or get a higher asking price. Should you be using them in yours? Continue reading

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