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Open House Success

10 Tips to Host the Best Open House Ever

Holding an open house can be easy and simple, so long as you follow these 10 simple steps. Continue reading

5 Things Home Staging Can Teach Us

3 Things Home Staging Can Teach us About Life

When putting your home on the market, you often hear advice on how to stage your home. Home staging means creating an environment that shows your home at its best: no clutter lying around, no dirty dishes on the counter, and no dust around the baseboard.

Have you ever wondered, though, what our homes would be like if we lived like a potential buyer could come in at any minute? Here are 3 things that we can learn from home staging and apply to our everyday homemaking efforts. Continue reading

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Interior Design

Hiring an Interior Designer: 5 Things to Consider

Renovating your home can be both exciting and tiring. Though you may feel like you’ve got a handle on it, you might want to consider seeking the help of a professional. An interior designer will can to your ideas and suggest some decorative solutions to improve your home. So before writing off the possibility of hiring an interior designer, here are 5 things to consider. Continue reading

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Benefits of Using a Home Stager

The Benefits of Using a Home Stager

You’ve decided to host an open house but you’re undecided about hiring a home stager. Here are a few reasons why hiring a home stager really does help. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

Last week we gave some tips for spring cleaning your home in preparation for selling.  The inside of your house is important, certainly, but the outside of your house often needs just as much attention as your living room when … Continue reading

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How to stage your home for a quick sale

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Setting up the property in its ideal state is essential for a good sale and this includes staging your home with a neutral interior and exterior decor to attract a larger number of buyers. Presentation matters a lot, especially when … Continue reading

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Using home staging to sell your home

Using Home Staging to Sell Your Home

If you plan on selling your home, here are a few ways to use home staging to sell your home and reap the (financial) rewards. Continue reading

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Reasons to home stage

Top 6 Reasons to Home Stage

Here are six reasons to home stage that will change your perspective on hiring a professional home stager. Continue reading

Home staging mistakes to avoid

4 Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

You are selling your home and you plan on staging your home your home yourself in preparation for the pictures and open house visits that come with. That’s great. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that there are some serious home … Continue reading

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5 Home Staging Accessories for Sellers

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, there are a handful of home staging accessories for sellers that can drastically change the décor of your home and lead to the big ca-ching. Here, now, are five home staging … Continue reading