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Green gadgets for your home - eco-button

Green Gadgets for Your Home

Gone are the days when going green meant you had to lose out on luxury. Green is cool and to prove it you can buy no end of green gadgets to make your home a more environmentally friendly place and save you money, too. Continue reading

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What should be in a green home?

5 Things Every Green Home Should Have

If you want to save money and live a better quality life, here are 5 things that every green home should have. Take note. Continue reading

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Home improvements that will save you money

5 Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

Keep heat from leaking out of drafty rafters and outdated light bulbs draining the power grid, with these inexpensive home improvements that will save you money over time. Continue reading

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What to consider when buying an energy-efficient home

Buying an Energy-Efficient Home: 5 Things to Consider

Energy efficient homes save you in monthly expenditures and reduce your carbon footprint. Check out 5 things you should consider if you want an energy-efficient home. Continue reading

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Sustainable living touches

Increase Your Home Value With Sustainable Living Touches

Finding small sustainable living touches will not only help you to do your part in protecting the environment for future generations, it also increases your home’s value. Continue reading

Elements of sustainable decor

3 Elements of Sustainable Decor

Eco-friendly interiors, which use sustainably-sourced materials, can be both beautiful and innovative. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative and practical sustainable decor solutions. Continue reading

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Easy ways to effectively green up your home

6 Ways To Effectively Green Up Your Home

From choosing certain appliances to using technology to your (and Mother Earth’s) advantage, here are some terrific ways to be more sustainable and effectively green up your home. Continue reading

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6 Ways To Create A Green Home

Considering that your home is a place where you will spend much of your time, perhaps you may want to look into how to create a green home. Continue reading