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4 Tricks for Promoting Your Home for Sale on Halloween

With trick-or-treating going on in the neighborhood, this is the perfect opportunity to get some visibility for your home sale! Take advantage of this free publicity opportunity by following these 4 tricks for promoting your home for sale on Halloween. Continue reading

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Back to School: Learn to Sell the ComFree Way!

It’s that time of year: our kids are going back to school and we’re headed back to work after a great summer vacation. It’s a time of learning, and one of the busiest times of year in the real estate market. So why not come to a free info session and learn how to sell your home the ComFree way and save thousands in commission? Continue reading

The key to selling your home quickly

The Key to Selling Your Home Quickly

When planning to sell your home, it is important to set a definite goal that is supported by a budget and a selling strategy. Find the key to selling your home quickly. Continue reading

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Guide to selling your home

A 6-Step Guide To Selling Your Home

Once the decision is made to sell your home, the process of finding a buyer and making the sale can be a bit intimidating. But if you are prepared and armed with knowledge, then it can all be somewhat easier. Read the following tips for your 6-step guide to selling your home. Continue reading

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How to sell your home on a budget

How to Sell Your Home on a Budget

From making some cheap fixes around the house to decluttering, it is possible to make a difference without breaking the bank when it comes to selling your home: Continue reading


5 Secrets of Selling Your Home

If you plan on listing your home for sale soon or you desperately want to move to another location, don’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in renovations; use these secrets of selling your home instead. Continue reading

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