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Fastest ways to increase home value

7 Fastest Ways to Increase Home Value before Selling

Today’s market is tight and if you want to sell quickly, there are a few things you can do that will actually increase your home value before selling and ensure it does not sit on the market for months waiting on the right buyer. Continue reading

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Cheap ways to increase your home value

5 Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Using the following cheap ways to increase your home value and ensure that you achieve a quick sale and get the most money out of it. Continue reading

Tips for increasing the value of your property

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

There are more than 101 ways to increase the value of your property, but there are far fewer ways of adding value without spending a significant amount of money on home renovations. Continue reading

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Kitchen renos that increase home's value

Kitchen Renos that Increase your Home’s Value

Whether you plan to sell next week or 5 years down the road, you’ll want to consider these easy kitchen renos to increase your home’s value. Continue reading

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Maximize your home's value

5 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value

There are a number of quick, easy ways to achieve the same goal, without the constraints of time and money. For homeowners recently entering the Canadian home market, consider the following tips. Continue reading

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What Increases and Decreases Your Home’s Value?

Did you know that adding a third full bathroom to a 3- or 4-bedroom home increases your home’s value by $43,000? Find out what else might increase or decrease your home’s value. Continue reading