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5 Quick and Affordable Home Makeover Tips

Don’t have time or money for a complete home makeover? No worries — there are many things you can do to dress up the house and give it a fresh, new vibe without spending too much time or cash. All … Continue reading


Selling? How to update your home on a budget

Updating your house to ‘up’ your profits? If you’re selling a house, you’re probably dreaming of how to get the biggest profit from your sale without having to invest a lot of time, work, and money. While popular home reno … Continue reading

3 Kitchen Facelifts for Selling Your Home

3 Kitchen Facelifts for Selling Your Home

Often times when selling your home there are little things that you can do such as cleaning scuffs on the walls, changing light bulbs and giving a good cleaning to your home to get it in sellable condition. However one of the most dramatic changes you can make to effectively increase the value on your home would be to give your kitchen a facelift if it has an older dated kitchen. Continue reading

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Trendy and timeless kitchen designs

6 Trendy but Timeless Kitchen Designs

Updating a kitchen is a trend that is gaining appeal after years of waiting for economic improvement and for home prices to stabilize. Rather than buying a new home altogether, many homeowners are opting to rejuvenate their current homes. Introducing … Continue reading

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Kitchen decor trends for 2014

6 Kitchen Decor Trends for 2014

Kitchens are the heart of a home and when you can offer up the latest in kitchen decor by looking toward 2014, you can bet that your home will look great and that it’s resale value will be sky high. Continue reading

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Easy kitchen decor ideas for the home

6 Inexpensive and Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas

Even the smallest of changes can have a massive effect on the way your kitchen appears in terms of looks. The following are a few inexpensive and easy kitchen décor tips that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Continue reading

DIY kitchen cabinets

4 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

By investing your time and a relatively small amount of cash, you can let your creativity run wild and create some DIY kitchen cabinet ideas which will make your kitchen pop. Continue reading

Kitchen trends for 2013

4 Kitchen Trends For 2013

Trends in home decor stick around for much longer, as compared to fashion. And the kitchen is among the most important areas in your home. If you’re looking for kitchen trends for 2013, here are a few tips you may follow. Continue reading

Kitchen backsplashes in glass

4 Modern Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchens are not just a place to prepare meals; they can be transformed into impressive examples of modern décor with a simple addition – kitchen backsplashes. Continue reading

Spring design tips

3 Spring Design Tips

When spring comes our way we often get a burst of energy and feel the need to welcome it into our homes. These spring design tips are a great way to use our extra energy and give the house a … Continue reading

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