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First-time home buyers can buy a home by dipping into their savings

First-time home buyers can cash out to cash in

Rising housing prices and shorter amortization periods make buying a first home more difficult for young people today. But that isn’t stopping them. Continue reading

Apartments for Rent in Toronto

Apartments for Rent in Toronto: A Look at the Market

The Toronto condo market is showing signs of weakening, according to the Globe and Mail. Here, we take a look at the rental market in Toronto and what implications a slowdown could have for the marketplace. Continue reading

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April Housing Market Numbers

Latest Housing Market Trends in Toronto

The housing sales picture around Toronto has improved over the last few months. Here are several of the key indicators that have begun to show a positive turnaround. Continue reading

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Most expensive homes in Toronto

The Most Expensive Homes in Toronto

There are plenty of high-priced homes that have their foundations set within the greater Toronto area. The following homes have demanded the highest prices in recent years. Continue reading

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Toronto Homeowners Get a 5.5% Property Value Increase

Toronto Homeowners Get a 5.5% Property Value Increase

Will residents of the city of Toronto take too kindly to an assessed value property increase of 5.5% in 2013? Not if it means a property tax increase. Continue reading

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Toronto condo situation creates panic

Toronto’s Condo Situation Creates Panic

Is Toronto finally on the way down from what was once considering a seriously booming condo craze? Looks like it. Continue reading

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Single women buy 30% of Toronto condos

Single Women Own 30% of Toronto Condos

In Toronto, there are tons of new condo units being erected every day, and it seems that single women are scooping up the majority of them, according to condo developers. Continue reading


Toronto Condo Sales – A Hot Market In 2011

Toronto condos are being sold as quickly as they’re being built. Why is the Toronto condo market so hot? Find out. (With infographic goodness) Continue reading

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